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Thanka Painting is a ritual Art, basically its related to Vajrayana cult of Mahayana Buddhism. It has 2 basic schools Newari Thanka or Paubha Art, and Tibetan Thanka art. Newari Thanka art can also be for Hindu Deities also.

To paint a Thanka an artist has to be initiated into the ritual art by the masters, who are mainly monks. A dedication of almost a decade is needed to the born artist for the dedication and meditation in his or her work. The quality depends upon the artists skill and labor and to paint a thanka, a couple of months work is considered less.

Qualities: we have Collector's Quality, Best Quality, Good Quality & Normal Quality.

Wheel of Life, Mandala and Deities are 3 types. Here are some photos of Deities to view the quality:

Collector's Quality


Good Quality

Best Quality


Normal Quality

For further photos / Inquiry &  order E-mail : export@vitradeint.com

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