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We have a group of artisans making exclusive statues for us using the traditional Lost Wax process. In this process each item is individually casted in a hand-made mould and the melted metal is poured into the mould which is covered in mud. Then all the finishing touch is given. Some Pictures are shown here:

Tara (Dolma)


Kuber (Zambala)

Vajra Yogini (Dorje Phagmo)

We have a list of statues, related to Hinduism and Buddhism sect, that can also be used as decorations in your lobby, drawing room etc.

We have 3 Qualities: Exclusive, Good & Normal

We have 6", 8" 10" 12" 24" 30" 36" 42" sizes.

We have 3 types: Full Gold, Half-Gold, Partial Gold

Contact us E-mail: export@vitradeint.com 

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