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Pashmina is the finest underbelly wool from a special mountain goat that is grazed in the both sides of the Himalayas. The name of the goat is Chyangra or Capra Hircus. This is domesticated animal which grazes in the highland pastures of Nepal Himalayas, Kashmir, Tibet and Inner Mongolia. We source the yarn and weave Pashmina in the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley.

Ombrey / Shaded




Our Handlooms


Thin Pashmina Yarn-Dyed Checks

Pashmina Cashmere Poncho

Silk-Pashmina Heavy Design

Silk -Pashmina Colorful Scarves

The Pashmina wool is also the finest cashmere. This is hand spun and hand-woven and we use natural and azo-free dyes and create a vast number of shawls, stoles, scarves, pullovers, cardigans, sweaters etc. etc.

We have been producing various items in 100 percent Pashmina, Extra-Thin Pashmina, Warm/Thick Pashmina, Pashmina with silk combinations etc.

Several Value-Added works such as: Prints, Embroidery, Jacquard / Patterns Weaving, Yarn-Dyed Checks / Stripes weaving, Swarovsky Crystal addition etc. are done as per your orders.

We make exclusive designs for our valued customers and regular buyers who are small shops, boutiques, fashion houses and wholesalers. 

Our Products are:

  • Exclusive
  • Better Priced
  • We Guarantee Prompt Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

For Inquiry and Order E-mail: pashmina@vitradeint.com

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