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Carpets / Rugs from V. I. Trade International:

Thanks to the Tibetan refugees that flooded in Nepal in the early 1960s who brought their traditional art of weaving carpets. Their traditional technique and looms have been developed by Swiss Development agencies and virtually big sizes could be knotted by hand. The rugs are made out of the wool of high altitude sheep known as Chang Lug in Tibet. These particular varieties of sheep were herded by indigenous nomadic and pastoral people of the Tibetan Plateau inside Tibet and Semi-Tibetan region of Nepal. Only this quality of wool is strong enough to weave our indigenous Tibetan Rugs, yet is soft enough to be comfortable against bare skin. This kind of wool has been used since this form of weaving first developed, and even today, raw wool  that is used in our carpet making process comes from Tibet and we also mix high quality wool imported from New Zealand with this to make our carpets / rugs.

All the process like carding, spinning, coloring, knotting, washing packaging are done by hand and a tremendous man-force is used to make our rugs.

We can work on any designs. There is no child labor used in our rug-making. We use Azo-free Swiss dyes and also use vegetable dyes.


Super   100 Knots per square inch

Moderate 80 Knots per square inch

General 60 Knots per square inch

Design Themes:






2 x 3

2.5 x 4

3 x 5

4 x 6

5 x 7

6 x 9

8 x 10

9 x 12

10 x 14

12 x 15

12 x 18



Squares and Rounds

3 x 3

4 x 4

5 x 5

6 x 6

7 x 7

8 x 8

9 x 9

10 x 10

12 x 12


2.5 and 3 width









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