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Nepal is situated between two economic giants, China and India, both of them are enjoying double digit growth and the world's eyes are always there in these two countries.

We have a high potential in Hydropower generation and we have top 8 out of 10, 8000 meter peaks in the world so we have a great potential for tourism. But due to the geographical situation most of the places are remote. The Base camps of the Himalayas, or project sites where the hydropower dam should be constructed, areas where there are mines and minerals its all remote.

We are persuading Nepalese government for strategic partnership for its Telecom company.

A fast-Track Express Toll-way is going to be started very soon in BOT basis.

Strategic partner / investor is needed in Nepal Airlines.

Optical Fiber Network for Whole Nepal (under SAARC Information Super HiWay Project)

A mutual Fund is being formulated, we are searching for strategic partner doing such kind of business in our neighboring country.

APCs (4X4 & 6X6)manufacturers, Genuine Arms manufacturers are wanted to be represented in a defense deal.

Strategic Partner for a Pharmaceutical Project.

Strategic Partner for Cattle-Feed Production Project.

We want to represent interested and capable companies for the above mentioned projects.

Other areas where we are always interested are: Hydropower Generation, Education Sector, Medical College, Information Technology and Tourism field not only to represent the foreign companies but also to participate in equity if some international reputed organization come up with some plans.

Why Us?

If you are thinking of doing any big thing in Nepal we are here and we assure you    sure success.

  • We have a very wide network, both social and business, in Nepal.
  • We are trustworthy.
  • We focus for mutually profitable long term business solutions.

Contact agency@vitradeint.com for more details.

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